Hormone Testing Can Help You Get Rid Off The Old Health Problems In Nz

Today, most of the physicians and practitioners claim that there is no parameter to analyze and measure a specific hormone level in the body, how to increase or decrease the hormones and how to treat hormone problems. Many backward countries do not even have the hormone testing labs that can help people to know about their real problem and can get proper treatment against these types of hormone problems. There are a number of health problems that occur because of hormone problems in the human body but because of lack of knowledge about this, people are not treated accurately and take the wrong medication.

Types of hormones that can be tested and can be treated:

Many types of hormones can be tested now in this modern and advanced technology world. First of all, estrogen is a hormone that is often present in females that are secreted by the ovary but it is sometimes, found in men too. In females, these hormones play an important role and protect a number of body systems like osteoporosis, memory disorder, hot flashes, urinary incontinence, mood swings, night sweats, symptoms of menopause, irritability, Alzheimer’s disease, vaginal atrophy, menstrual cycle and strokes. These all types of health problems can be eradicated if the estrogen hormone is working properly in women. The deficiency of these hormones may also result in increased facial wrinkles in women, decreased sex drive, depression, sagging breast tissue and skin.

Sometimes, some allergies are not properly analyzed and people consider them hormone problem. Like in women, some specific skin issues occur because of some kind of allergies but instead of taking the medication allergy, they prefer to use the medicines for the hormones without knowing the fact that what kind of problem they are suffering from. For this purpose, it is really important to use allergy testing NZ to know about the basic health problem because of which you are having some health issues. These tests are not expensive and can help you and your doctor to easily understand about the problem.

Further, progesterone is known as a female hormone but can be found in both men and women. This hormone plays a role in fetal development. This hormone helps to prevent the female body from osteoporosis, ovarian cysts, uterine and breast cancers and fibrocystic disease. The normal progesterone level helps to decrease depression, improve sleep, the calmness of mind and reducing anxiety. There are many other hormones like these that can be tested by hormone testing can easily be treated after exactly knowing about the real cause of the deficiency.