Charity Groups that are dedicated to Taking Africa to Great Heights

Help African Charity

African charity has experienced significant growth and worldwide awareness. People are continuously doing their best to help African charity thanks to Oprah for creating awareness about some of the plights people in Africa go through. Below are some of the charitable organizations that are helping people in Africa.

FARM-Africa Donations

FARM-Africa Donations is an NGO that’s trying very hard to reduce poverty in Eastern and South Africa. The organization offers services, food, and equipment. Their primary goal is to help various programs that can ensure supplies are offered to and reach the intended destination. The FARM-Africa operates under three main missions, which are:

  • Community Forest Management
  • Pastoral Development
  • Land Reform

SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages is another great charity well-known throughout the world. The organization is committed to providing a new family to orphans. It’s also very important in caring for children orphaned by AIDS. There are 57 SOS Social centers and social support programs operating with children affected with HIV/AIDS in Africa and it’s the best charity in Kenya. This organization takes care of many schools and vocational training institutions as well as medical centers. SOS is actively involved in supporting HIV/AIDS orphans and promoting AIDS awareness.

Additionally, this organization includes a program known as “Haven of Love”, which is a protected space for children who are three to fourteen years old. This program has been able to prolong the lives of the children that are living with HIV thanks to their proper psychological care. The program provides game therapy, nutrition program, and outdoor activities. SOS also conducts family days and information seminars to enhance the lives of the children.

BREAD-line Africa

BREAD-line Africa is also a reputable charitable group that focuses on growth in Africa. Their main objective is to assist by any means the people dedicating their lives to small charities that encourage the communities helping them to become independent. Numerous such groups aim at seeing growth in the sub-urban of countries in Africa. BREAD-Line Africa aims at helping specific areas that have more HIV/AIDS patients than the population of HIV negative people. Volunteers in the sub-urban areas are the primary concern of this African charity. They try to make sure that every volunteer that provides their time to the less fortunate will have enough supplies to both themselves and the needy.

There are many charity groups in African and they are doing a great job. You can also do your part to help African charity. Don’t remain behind, do what you can.